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What size are the bottles?

GOLD COLLAGEN® offers 2 convenient sizes to suit your lifestyle

We have formulated our liquid supplements in three convenient formats, suitable to any need and lifestyle!
Individual - single-use 50mL- original size
Multidose - Our solutions have become so popular, we have also recently launched a larger, supersized formats of our best sellers, 300ml bottle formats, under the MULTIDOSE family.  Multiple dose format, suitable for a 20 day supply

We care about the quality & effectiveness of our products as well as the environment. Therefore, all our bottles are of high-quality glass to ensure bioavailability of the active ingredients and keep the products as potent as possible. The bottles are all fully recyclable, and the outer carton of your GOLD COLLAGEN® box is as well. We try and minimise the use of plastic in our products as much as possible.