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What is the one time purchase?

Our one-time purchase where you can choose any 10-day, 30-day, or 90-day treatment.

If you would like to try any of our liquid collagen supplement programmes without commiting to a subscription model yet, we offer customers to take advantage of our one-time purchase where you can choose any 10-day, 30-day or 90-day treatment.

When adding larger programmes (from 30-day onwards) to your basket, we have a competitive pricing for these value packs. This makes the overall price for the larger value packs per box of 10-day/10 bottles a better value.

For instance, for our 40+ range, called FORTE, instead of 3 x £42.00 (= £126.00) for one month supply, customers who opt to upgrade to 30 day packs, pay only £69.00 leaving over one box price waived at £42.00 or free (£69.00 vs 3 x £42.00 = £126.00). So, keep an eye on our seasonal offers and subscription model for better deals.