For how long to you need to take the product to see visible results?

For best results drink GOLD COLLAGEN® for 12 weeks

The product results will vary depending on the individual and their starting skin, hair, health conditions, diet and lifestyle. According to our clinical trial results, with daily and consecutive consumption of the product (1x bottle), one can expect the skin to become more hydrated within 3 weeks, followed by a reduction in fine lines and deeper wrinkles within 6 weeks and an increase in skin elasticity within 9 weeks.

Some individuals have reported to experience more positive results and/or at a faster rate than others. Our recommendation is that the product should be consumed for 12 weeks in order to realise all its benefits. There is no maximum length of time over which GOLD COLLAGEN® supplements may be consumed, provided you do not exceed the recommended 1 drink a day. However, as results and skin, hair and nails concerns and needs depend on each individual, you can decide if you wish to continue.  Watch our video and hear Dr. Martin talk on the benefits of taking GOLD COLLAGEN®.