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Can I take GOLD COLLAGEN® products even if I have no wrinkles?

Prevention is the best solution

You are lucky enough to have no wrinkles and how you take care of your skin today will have a significant impact on how it looks and feels tomorrow.
If you are in your early 20’s onwards then the PURE family should be the right group of products for you as they help to counteract the early signs of ageing and promote a more beautiful appearance. It helps support healthy-looking skin, hair and nails, as well as energy, immunity and overall well-being.

Prevention is the best solution and we found our customers want to take care of their appearance and adopt an anti-ageing beauty, health and nutrition routine, as early as 20+.

Our GOLD COLLAGEN® FORTE family have been specifically designed for women aged 40+, or women who have more advanced signs of ageing or need that extra boost. We find some of our customers prefer to take FORTE or FORTE PLUS, despite being younger than 40 for the added anti-ageing and health benefits. It really depends on individual circumstances, skin quality and concerns.

Trust the collagen expert to give you the best solution, tailored to your individual lifestyle and needs.